Stop bugging me: frame 3

Addison, Jo [Artist] (2015) Stop bugging me: frame 3. Stop bugging me. .


Stop Bugging Me presented the work of three artists over three months: Each show was a solo-presentation, each invaded, ‘bugged’ by work of the next artist. Evolving and mutating over time, a “venn diagram of three artists whose practices interlink” the exhibition borrowed a public programming model to include talks and events within the gallery space and alongside the work. Formulated through a series of studio visits and discussions between the artists, this model sought to draw out common themes and working methods in an analytical approach to the exhibiting of new bodies of work. Somewhere between a group and solo show, dialogue was central to the concerns of each of the presentations. And, questioning the finality of the work on show and even perhaps the egos of the 3 artists involved, Stop Bugging Me challenged individual endeavor with shared enterprise, originality with generosity.

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