Public health value of universal HPV vaccination

Audisio, Riccardo A., Icardi, Giancarlo, Isidori, Andrea M., Liverani, Carlo A., Lombardi, Alberto, Mariani, Luciano, Mennini, Francesco Saverio, Mitchell, David A., Peracino, Andrea, Pecorelli, Sergio, Rezza, Giovanni, Signorelli, Carlo, Rosati, Giovanni and Zuccotti, Gian Vincenzo (2016) Public health value of universal HPV vaccination. Critical Reviews in OncologyHematology, 97, pp. 157-167. ISSN (print) 1040-8428


Steps must be taken by relevant bodies to achieve the target of universal vaccination. The analysis of HPV vaccination's clinical effectiveness vs. economic efficacy are supportive of the economic sustainability of vaccination programs both in women and men. In Europe, these achievements demand urgent attention to the social equity for both genders in healthcare. There is sufficient ethical, scientific, strategic and economic evidence to urge the European Community to develop and implement a coordinated and comprehensive strategy aimed at both genders and geographically balanced, to eradicate cervical cancer and other diseases caused by HPV in Europe. Policymakers must take into consideration effective vaccination programs in the prevention of cancers.

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