RCTP: An Enhanced Routing Protocol Based on Collection Tree Protocol

Entezami, Fariborz, Tunicliffe, Martin and Politis, Christos (2015) RCTP: An Enhanced Routing Protocol Based on Collection Tree Protocol. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2015(363107), ISSN (print) 1550-1329


Due to implementation of routing protocols in limited power supply devices in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), this paper presents and evaluates Rainbow Collection Tree Protocol (RCTP) as an enhanced version of Collection Tree Protocol (CTP). CTP is a lightweight, efficient, robust, and also reliable routing protocol for WSNs. CTP as a cross layer routing protocol is also a platform-independent protocol. It uses Trickle Algorithm to optimize the overhead cost and also makes it quickly adaptable to changes in topology. The basic foundation of CTP is on link quality identification and it uses expected transmission count (ETX). ETX is not stable during the time in real environments and ETX fluctuations cause the routing protocols to not work in optimum level. RCTP uses average expected transmission count (AETX) as link quality metric that has shown it is more stable than ETX. It also uses a new mechanism in parent selection to make it more accurate. Rainbow mechanism is used in RCTP to detect and route around connectivity nodes and avoid route through dead end paths. The Omnet++ has been used as a simulator and the results show RCTP performs more efficiently than CTP in dynamic and crowded environments.

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