Directional dispersion in absorbance spectra of oligothiophene crystals

Spearman, P., Borghesi, A., Campione, M., Laicini, M., Moret, M. and Tavazzi, S. (2005) Directional dispersion in absorbance spectra of oligothiophene crystals. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 122(1), ISSN (print) 0021-9606


Due to the large oscillator strength of the first molecular transition in oligothiophenes, a strong directional dispersion of the b(u) exciton transition is expected originating from the macroscopic polarization field. Examining such dispersion unambiguously usually requires different faces to be accessible for the optical measurements. Alternatively, measurements carried out at different angles of incidence are met with intrinsic limits due to the peculiarities of wave propagation in such anisotropic systems. In order to demonstrate these limits along with the experimental difficulties involved, we examine refraction and absorption of light in these crystals and discuss the effects of directional dispersion on the absorbance spectra of quaterthiophene crystals.

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