Phase effects in double-focus and double-aperture interference microscopy

Barman, Sarah A., Walker, John G., Nunn, John W., Turner, Nicholas P. and Downs, Michael J. (2000) Phase effects in double-focus and double-aperture interference microscopy. Applied Optics, 39(13), pp. 2159-2166. ISSN (print) 1559-128X


Two different optical techniques for surface tracking and linewidth measurement are evaluated. First, an evaluation is made of the performance of a double-focus polarization microscope, based on results from a computer model and from experimental measurements. The assessment shows that a phase curvature effect makes the operation of this configuration impractical as a surface tracking device and linewidth measurement system. An alternative arrangement of using a double aperture is evaluated. The phase curvature effect is reduced in this type of microscope. A practical optical arrangement to implement a double-aperture microscope is given.

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