Personal Learning Enviroments: Meeting the Special Needs of Gifted Students

Ribeiro, Jaime, Casanova, Diogo, Nogueira, Fernanda, Moreira, Antonio and Almeida, Margarida (2011) Personal Learning Enviroments: Meeting the Special Needs of Gifted Students. In: Ordóñez de Pablos, Patricia , Jingyuan, Zhao and Tennyson, Robert D., (eds.) Technology Enhanced Learning for People with Disabilities: Approaches and Applications. Hershey, New York, U.S. : IGI Global. pp. 67-88. ISBN 9781615209231


Gifted Students, in spite of their very well known characteristics, have specific education needs in order to achieve their potential. Although they do not present a special educational need in the common mean- ing, they have very particular learning needs that, if overlooked, may lead to adverse feelings towards school and learning that can result in academic failure. Authors in the field agree that giftedness can and must be developed and providing challenging and facilitative learning environments is the first building block. The PLE, held up by WEB 2.0, for its openness and possibilities it offers to learn autonomously, resorting to exploration, discovery, networking with like-minded peers and experts fits the style and pace of learning of its user and shows to be a tool to fully suite the particular traits of these students. In this chapter a 5 dimension PLE is conceptualized that accommodates the cognitive, emotional and education needs of gifted students.

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