Some results of experimentation with extreme programming paradigm

Ahmed, A., Fraz, M. M. and Zahid, F. A. (2003) Some results of experimentation with extreme programming paradigm. In: 7th IEEE International Multi topic Conference (INMIC 2003); 08 - 09 Dec 2003, Islamabad, Pakistan. ISBN 0780381831


The increasing cost and complexity of software development and maintenance demands methodologies that decrease cost and enhance software reliability. A recently proposed methodology of extreme programming (XP) is a methodology pertaining to small to medium sized teams and developing software in the face of vague or rapidly changing requirements. It has been assumed that XP will ease software development process and decrease its maintenance cost. However, unfortunately little or no experimentation has been reported in the literature to support these assumptions. This work reports results of experimentation regarding data collection via hands on experience of application of extreme programming to evaluate its effectiveness to enhance productivity. The work includes the development of a framework for distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) services. We have experimented with all the facets of XP and the management of change in the research environment has been critically analyzed and reported. The results experimentation clearly indicate the strength of XP to improve productivity in software development.

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