Analysis of a semi-empirical sprinkler spray model

Aghajani, Hamed, Dembele, Siaka and Wen, Jennifer (2014) Analysis of a semi-empirical sprinkler spray model. Fire Safety Journal, 64, pp. 1-11. ISSN (print) 0379-7112


Modelling the atomization process in fire sprinklers has remained a challenge mainly due to the complexity of sprinkler geometry. A review of existing fire sprinkler spray modelling approaches, including film flow and sheet tracking models, showed that they mainly assumed a constant sheet velocity and linear attenuation of the sheet thickness before its disintegration. In the present study, a liquid sheet trajectory sub-model based on the solution of stream-wise conservation equations has been used to predict both sheet thickness and velocity as it radially expands. This will also help to investigate the extent to which a change in the release angle can affect the sheet characteristics. The analysis carried out shows that the proposed approach improves the predictions of mean droplet diameter and initial droplet speed. A semi-empirical approach is further introduced in the study by using experimental volume fraction measurements to characterize sprinkler sprays in the near field. For a given direction predictions have been conducted for droplet volume median diameter, water volume flux and droplet average velocity at different elevation and azimuthal locations. A reasonably good agreement is found for the near field measurements.

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