Teaching in England: December 2010

Perselli, Victoria (2012) Teaching in England: December 2010. In: Cannella, G.S. and Steinberg, S.R., (eds.) Critical qualitative research reader. New York, U.S. : Peter Lang. pp. 420-428. 2 ISBN 9781433106880


In the action research project that I am currently undertaking on my practice as a teacher of educational research with students on doctoral and master’s programmes, three conceptual tools have emerged which are useful towards the cyclical process of further thinking, reflection and action. They are undecidablity, indeterminateness, and a discourse of workload. I will presently explain what these mean and how they have come to the fore. I will also demostrate the interplay between the action research methodology and critical pedagogy in this project and why this is particularly significant at this time.

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