The effects of alti-vit on exercise performance at altitude.

Youngman, E., Howe, C. and Moir, H. (2013) The effects of alti-vit on exercise performance at altitude. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 47(17), e4. ISSN (print) 0306-3674


This study examined the effects of ALTI-VIT supplementation on exercise performance and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) at altitude. Seven healthy males with no experience of exercise at altitude completed two 16 km cycle time-trials at a simulated altitude of 2400 m in an altitude chamber. Using a single-blind, randomised, crossover design, participants consumed 2 capsules (270 mg) of ALTI-VIT (A) or a placebo (Pl) 24-hours prior to testing and 2 capsules on the morning of testing. Time-trial completion was faster in the A condition (30.04±4.39 min) than the Pl condition (31.02±5.22 min) (P=0.05). RER was lower in the A condition (A: 1.03±0.11 vs. Pl: 1.13±0.12; P=0.044) and the incidence of AMS (A: 0.4±0.5 vs. Pl: 3±1; P=0.002) and severity of symptoms were reduced (P<0.05). No differences were found between conditions for HR, RPE, VO2, VE, VO2 max, speed, power output and RPM (P>0.05). These results demonstrated that 24-hour supplementation of ALTI-VIT enhanced exercise performance at altitude and reduced the incidence and severity of AMS.

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