Theoretical modelling of sprinkler sprays

Dembele, S, Aghajani, H and Wen, J (2013) Theoretical modelling of sprinkler sprays. In: Interflam2013 : 13th International Fire Science & Engineering Conference; 24 - 26 Jun 2013, London, U.K..


Modelling the atomization process of sprinklers in fire suppression studies is a challenging task due to the complexities of sprinkler geometry and atomization regimes. In the present study, a simplified one dimensional streamwise mathematical model, with modifications implemented in surface tension force calculations, is employed to investigate the characteristics of liquid sheet trajectory in impinging jet configurations similar to sprinklers. The model predicts the sheet velocity, thickness, deflection angle and location of a sheet, as a function of the jet Reynolds number, inclined plate angle, and density ratio of ambient air to agent fluid. The new sheet trajectory model developed significantly improves the predictions of the spray characteristics. A semi-empirical approach has also been developed, which enables prediction of the characteristics of sprinkler sprays at multiple spatial locations. Promising predictions have been obtained for droplet diameters and spray volume flux.

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