Geophylobuilder 1.0: an ArcGiS extension for creating 'geophylogenies'

Kidd, David and Liu, Xianhua (2008) Geophylobuilder 1.0: an ArcGiS extension for creating 'geophylogenies'. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8(1), pp. 88-91. ISSN (print) 1755-098X


Evolution is inherently a spatiotemporal process; however, despite this, phylogenetic and geographical data and models remain largely isolated from one another. Geographical information systems provide a ready-made spatial modelling, analysis and dissemination environment within which phylogenetic models can be explicitly linked with their associated spatial data and subsequently integrated with other georeferenced data sets describing the biotic and abiotic environment. geophylobuilder 1.0 is an extension for the ARCGIS geographical information system that builds a 'geophylogenetic' data model from a phylogenetic tree and associated geographical data. Geophylogenetic database objects can subsequently be queried, spatially analysed and visualized in both 2D and 3D within a geographical information systems.

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