Smart monitoring of complex public scenes

Iocchi, Luca, Monekosso, Ndedi D., Nardi, Daniele, Nicolescu, Mircea, Remagnino, Paolo and Valera, Maria (2011) Smart monitoring of complex public scenes. In: Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environment. AAAI Fall Symposium series; 04 - 06 Nov 2011, Airlington, Virginia.


Security operators are increasingly interested in solutions that can provide an automatic understanding of potentially crowded public environments. In this paper, an on-going research is presented, on building a complex system consists of three main components: human security operators carrying sensors, mobile robotic platforms carrying sensors and network of fixed sensors (i.e. cameras) installed in the environment. The main objectives of this research are: 1) to develop models and solutions for an intelligent integration of sensorial information coming from different sources, 2) to develop effective human-robot interaction methods in the paradigm multi-human vs. multi-robot, 3) to integrate all these components in a system that allows for robust and efficient coordination among robots, vision sensors and human guards, in order to enhance surveillance in crowded public environments.

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