Ladder-structured polymers and oligomers

Asefa, Lideya (2012) Ladder-structured polymers and oligomers. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


This project focus on two parts, the first part is producing electrochromic semi-conductive ladder compounds, such as Quinoxalino (2,3b)phenazine (L5H[sub]2), 7,14,18-trihydro-5,7,9,14,16,19-hexaazaheptacene (L7H[sub]2). The syntheses has been carried out for each ladder compounds as follows; L5H[sub]2 synthesised by reacting o-phenyenediamine(DAB) and 2,5-dihydroxy-p-benzoquinone(DHQ) with poly(phosphoric) acid and L7H[sub]2 carried out by heating 3-Aminophenazin-2-ol by its own for a week, and finally L8H[sub]2 has been synthesised by reacting 2,3-diaminophenozine and DHQ with benzyl alcohol. The second part of this project is involved synthesising L5H[sub]2 derivatives and study their effct on adding electron withdrawing and electron donating groups and also investigate their physical and chemical properties. The first derivatives is, 4-11-Dimethyl-5,12-dihydro-5,7,12,14-tetraazapentacene(MDHTAP) (electron donating group) and synthesised by reacting DHQ and 2,3-diaminotolouene(DT) with polyphosphroic acid. The second derivatives is 3-Chloro-1-nitro-5,14-dihydroquinoxaline( (2,3-b_- Phenazine (electron withdrawing grouo), it is synthesised by 2,3-diaminophenazine(DAP) and sodium acetate an-hydrate mixed with ethanol and heated together, then 4-chloro-2,,6-donitrochlorobenzine were added. For comparison Triphenodioxazine (L5O[sub]2) was produced and synthesised by heating o-aminophenol for two week. Different kinds of techniques were used to characterize these ladder compoinds and their derivatives, such as Infra-red spectroscopy, Ultra violet (UV) spectroscopy, X-Ray diffraction spectroscopy, conductivity measurement, and elementary analysis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) study.

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