Music, text and translation

Minors, Helen Julia (2013) Music, text and translation. London, U.K. : Continuum. 244p. (Bloomsbury Advances in Translation Studies) ISBN 9781441173089


Expanding the notion of translation, this book specifically focuses on the transferences between music and text. The concept of ‘translation’ is often limited solely to language transfer. It is, however, a process occurring within and around most forms of artistic expression. Music, considered a language in its own right, often refers to text discourse and other art forms. In translation, this referential relationship must be translated too. How is music affected by text translation? How does music influence the translation of the text it sets? How is the sense of both the text and the music transferred in the translation process? Combining theory with practice, the book questions the process and role translation has to play in a musical context. It provides a range of case studies across interdisciplinary fields. It is the first collection on music in translation that is not restricted to one discipline, including explorations of opera libretti, surtitling, art song, musicals, poetry, painting, sculpture and biography, alongside looking at issues of accessibility. List of Examples \ List of Figures \ List of Tables \ Note on Contributors \ Acknowledgements \ Note on the Text \ Preface Michael Chanan \ Introduction: Translation in Music Discourse Helen Julia Minors \ Part 1: Translating Text to Music \ Opera \ Chapter 1: Tales of the Unexpected: Opera as a New Art of Glocalization Lucile Desblache \ Chapter 2: Surtitling Opera: A Surtitler’s Perspective on Making and Breaking the Rules Judi Palmer \ Chapter 3: Surtitling Opera: A Translator’s Perspective Jacqueline Page \ Chapter 4: Assistance or Obstruction: Translated Text in Opera Performances Kenneth Chalmers \ Song \ Chapter 5: Art Song in Translation Peter Newmark, completed by Helen Julia Minors \ Chapter 6: Purposeful Translating: The Case of Britten’s Vocal Music Peter Low \ Chapter 7: Some Like it Dubbed: Translating Marilyn Monroe Charlotte Bosseaux \ Part 2: Cultural and Intersemiotic Translation \ Musical Translation \ Chapter 8: Homophonic Translation: Sense and Sound Jeff Hilson \ Chapter 9: Music Translating Visual Images: Erik Satie’s Sports etdivertissements Helen Julia Minors \ Chapter 10: Translation in the Works of John Cage Alan Stones \ Chapter 11: Music Mediating Sculptor: Avro Pärt’s Lamentate Debbie Moss \ Transference and Adaptation of Sense \ Chapter 12: From Realism to Shnulze and Back: The Songs of Edith Piaf in German Klaus Kaindl, translated by Liselotte Brodbeck and Jacqueline Page \ Chapter 13: Transcription as Translation: Perspectives from Ethnomusicology Muriel Swijghuisen Reigersberg \ Chapter 14: Difficulty in Translation: Grappling with Ligeti’s Musical Metaphors Mark Shuttleworth \ Chapter 15: Making Music Television Accessible Mark Harrison \ Bibliography \ Index

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