MIPS3 e-learning system: a medical images processing, seamless and secure sharing platform for CAD developers

Dorodian, Saeid (2011) MIPS3 e-learning system: a medical images processing, seamless and secure sharing platform for CAD developers. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


This research is about a general purpose and secure CAD platform to permit image transferring, image viewing and image editing by clinicians to define targets of interest, measuring inter or intra observer variability, measuring CAD performance and easy access to the images in a form suitable for CAD developers. Development of a CAD is a multi-disciplinary activity which requires input from different parties including clinicians and algorithm developers. This collaborative activity includes collecting and having access to medical images, annotating images (manually identifying and drawing regions of interest), processing the images for diagnosis by using a Computer Aided Detection system and finally validating and comparing the CAD system against annotated data and radiologist. An innovative common platform is necessary for all parties involved. Not only do these images need to be appropriately stored and be easily accessible, but also the images need to be annotated and these annotated images also need to be stored and constantly referred to. Furthermore, any changes to the annotations over time need to be time and context stamped and this information must also be stored. There needs to be a standardization of the storage and usage of these images so that all the different parties can have the same understanding of these images, hence reducing the semantic differences between the different parties. Also, any inferences made should be based on timely, accurate and appropriate information and understanding. Despite this fact, there is no platform reported in literature which can provide the above facilities to ease the job for CAD developers, radiologists and all the parties involved in CAD development. The objective of this project is to develop a seamless and secure sharing CAD oriented platform (MIPS3) to ease and facilitate the above activities in an automated manner. Mediar CAD .NET platform uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) as a rich client technology for building strongly connected front-end systems. The system is provided with complex DMS which will use the benefits of XMLs, Binary Files and MS SQL Server to manage the data. A Client Server application which transfers the medical data to the central server via XML web services uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and compressed multi-channel/multi thread solution to deliver the best possible performance. By using this platform, data can be easily and seamlessly shared between different hospitals, universities and educational centers. The system benefits from an online web application which provides some administration facilities to the users via the Internet. The platform supports plug-and-play functionalities which enable CAD developers to add new features and expand system functionalities without any need to re-implement or recompile the platform, by using well-defined Input and Output Interfaces.

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