An inclusive early intervention programme: the case of two pre-schoolers

Tzouriadou, Maria, Kontopoulou-Kokkinaki, Melanthia and Psoinos, Maria (2009) An inclusive early intervention programme: the case of two pre-schoolers. In: Carpenter, Barry , Schloesser, Jaques and Egerton, Jo, (eds.) European Developments in Early Childhood Intervention. The European Association on Early Intervention. pp. 134-152.


The aim of the present research study was to examine how cognitive and sociocultural factors interacted and influenced the progress of two children in an early intervention inclusive educational setting. The study not only took into consideration the diversity of the children’s abilities, but also brought sociocultural issues to the fore, since the children participating in the research originated from two different sociocultural backgrounds and, according to the nursery school teachers, had not managed to achieve school readiness in the course of the year. The research consisted of three phases: (1) the diagnostic procedure (2) the early childhood intervention educational programme (inclusive and specialised); and (3) the evaluation of the programme. In all three phases, transdisciplinary research teamwork was implemented.

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