The quality secondary music teacher in Hong Kong: perspectives and perceptions

Kao Shu, Phyllis (2002) The quality secondary music teacher in Hong Kong: perspectives and perceptions. (MPhil thesis), Kingston University, .


This study aims at examining the perceived qualities of secondary music teacher in Hong Kong in order to evaluate the current initial secondary music teacher training programmes and provide insight into the development of a quality secondary music teacher training programme in the future. This investigation adopted a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, through a three-phase procedure with seven stages. Findings from these approaches were complimentary and provided a consistent picture. This consensus was based on evidence from three questionnaire surveys of 1750 people consisting of secondary pupils, music groups and other professionals; three interview processes to 82 people in the field of music and non-music participants, and a critical evaluation of seven initial music teacher training programmes in higher education institutions in Hong Kong. The findings indicated that a mixed Western-Chinese culture had an influence on the perception, conception and expectation of the role of the quality secondary music teacher and their training in Hong Kong. The findings of the study also showed that Hong Kong people placed great value on the personal character of secondary music teachers and their function as role models. Participants suggested that all perceived characteristics identified for the quality secondary music teacher in this study could be enhanced or trained through an initial music teacher training programme. The main recommendation of this research is that to focus on intrinsic motivational and value development on the unique background of the trainees is essential for a successful outcome of quality music teaclier training in Hong Kong.

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