Design issues for desktop based image database systems

Little, Keith (1999) Design issues for desktop based image database systems. (MPhil thesis), Kingston University, .


The aim of this thesis is to conduct applied research into the design problems of PC based image database systems. The goal is to propose a new design and implementation of such systems maximising cost effectiveness and therefore of commercial interest to large commercial users. However there are a number of problems that need to be investigated and overcome to make this a reality. These are: • A database and data storage architecture is required that allows for flexibility and configurability so that it can be tailored to work with varying company specific implementations. This must include the ability for users to customise and create their own database field structure, allow storage of images at varying resolutions and compression rates, and workable on most network configurations, with multi user access and fault tolerance. • The trade-offs to be made between storage demands and image quality become more critical. These trade offs need to be investigated, with particular emphasis on the tolerable loss of image quality resulting from image compression. • It would be an expectation of a desktop based system that it comes with a web interface to allow for remote access and searching. This affects data structure and image storage issues, as well as how searches and image retrieval operations are performed. The aim of this thesis to conduct applied research into these problems at design and implementation levels. If successful, the result should be a high performance desktop based system which is able to handle less than 150 thousand records with good searching capabilities yet designed to be scalable, highly configurable by the end user, also comprising a web interface and available at a cost of less than £5K.

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