Internet protocol - based information systems: an investigation into integration issues and iterative organisational change strategies

Jeoffroy, Matthew (2001) Internet protocol - based information systems: an investigation into integration issues and iterative organisational change strategies. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,


Internet-based electronic commerce is a rapidly evolving phenomenon. Organisations have reacted to the opportunities that have been presented through electronic commerce as new class of strategic information system that can be defined as an Internet Protocol Based Information System (IPBIS). As the demand for IPBIS grows, organisations are looking for ways to use it in order to leverage strategic advantage within their given markets. However, IPBIS are not yet established, and there are many unknowns surrounding its use and the change effects it may have on adopting organisations. Research is emerging that answers some of the organisational and electronic market issues that are being posed by organisations, but which are not being addressed by the increasing amounts of non-academic hyperbole that is in evidence. This study was conducted using a mixed mode of case study research within a grounded theory framework to explore the role of IPBIS as a contributing factor to organisational change. Twelve cases were studied using semi-structure interviews and observation, to assess technology implementation strategies, change effects, and management of change strategies. This study has revealed that organisations follow a staged model of integration that may start as a tentative venture with simple email facilities, and then moves through a set of discreet stages to potential full integration with internal information systems, which may be outsourced to third party solution providers. Evidence supports a substantive theory of 'Push-Pull Decision Taking' that was developed to provide an explanatory framework showing that organisations reach a stage of risk analysis and information elicited, and then feel compelled to participate in IPBIS electronic commerce initiatives, which are not always in the immediate interests of the organisation. The results of this decision taking are that the organisation and its actors try to develop appropriate management strategies, which typically support incremental change. This resulting model of change and a series of working propositions provide a basis for practitioner work, and further academic research in this domain.

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