Intelligent document management through enrichment: a conceptual model

Zantout, Hind (2000) Intelligent document management through enrichment: a conceptual model. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


With ever more enterprises holding most of their text documents electronically, this research considers the implications that follow and the opportunities that are created by this situation. It introduces the notion of intelligent document management through enrichment as a novel interpretation of the Push Technology paradigm and develops a conceptual model for a software assistant that can carry out this enrichment task. Such an Intelligent Document Enriching Assistant, IDEA, will perform simple reasoning to retrieve, automatically, previously stored text documents which are relevant to the task at hand. However, before such an assistant can actually be implemented, the underlying concepts, which are taken from a range of topics on which such an IDEA is founded, have to be researched and assembled. This is what is of concern here, namely the analysis of the background on which the IDEA is based, together with the development of its conceptual model. The implementation of this knowledge-based component does not form part of this work. The semantic content of the text document needs to be captured using a representation that is richer than simple key words, and is based on Speech Act Theory. For the development of the conceptual model for the IDEA, the CommonKADS method is used. The main deliverable of this method is the model of expertise, which describes the knowledge, and the reasoning capabilities needed to carry out the required enrichment task. The generic enrichment problem solving method is also developed. The underlying domain knowledge is taken from a Sales and Marketing scenario. This research answers the call for good practice in Knowledge Management that requires the development of new knowledge, making accessible new and existing knowledge, and distributing and combining knowledge. The IDEA is an example of how intelligence, through the provision of relevant information, can be realised within this context.

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