Stewart, Roger William (1995) A systemic approach to the analysis of team behaviour using sociometry and soft systems analysis techniques. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,


A current strategy adopted by organisations to react more quickly to their changing environments is the creation and operation of teams. This research examines the relationship of organisational structure, behaviour and communications within the teams, between the teams and to the organisation. An integrated analysis approach of Soft Systems Analysis linked to Sociometry has been developed and used in the following organisations: the Defence Research Agency to analyse these relationships in Naval command and control teams; Richmond Borough Council Library Services to consider the effects of structural reorganisation; and for the National Health Service a failures analysis of the development of Electronic Patient Record systems. The results of this research were as follows. First, a confirmation of the applicability of the integrated analysis approach to the examination of the relationship of organisational structure, behaviour and communication. Second, the successful development of new techniques for the analysis of structure and communications. Third, the development of team behavioural and key process models within teams. These were validated by their application to the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster. A measure of the success of this research is the continuation of activities within the DRA and Richmond Library Services, and the extension of activities to the Swedish Armed Services.