Guided-wave optical and hybrid sensor systems

Mason, Julian (1995) Guided-wave optical and hybrid sensor systems. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


This thesis is concerned with the development of new fibre optic based sensors for liquid level and temperature measurement. For the measurement of fluid level an intrinsic sensor has been developed whereby the fibre itself forms the sensing medium. This fibre is made from a plastic, doped with a dye that fluoresces when illuminated by ultra-violet light. The sensing fibre is continuously illuminated but the fluid around it absorbs the light and hence the fluid level controls the intensity of light generated within the fluorescing fibre. The measurement of temperature forms the bulk of this thesis with liquid crystals being used as the transducing medium. Many different schemes have been investigated and characterised using their thermo chromic, light scattering, and electro-optic properties. The latter necessitated the production of miniature photovoltaic devices which, apart from being a novel way of generating quasi-regulated electrical power, provide an alternative approach to energising many other types of hybrid sensor systems that at present are forced to use more complex techniques. Finally a simple theory has been developed to describe the behaviour of the liquid crystal based systems. The theory has been solved numerically and is in good agreement with the experimental results.

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