Integrated Palaeogene palaeobathymetry of the northern North Sea

Kjennerud, T. and Gillmore, G. (2003) Integrated Palaeogene palaeobathymetry of the northern North Sea. Petroleum Geoscience, 9(2), pp. 125-132. ISSN (print) 1354-0793


This paper seeks to expand understanding by providing a wider and more integrated approach to the problem of palaeobathymetric reconstructions of the Palaeogene for the northern North Sea. This has been achieved by combining published and unpublished micropalaeontological studies from 12 wells between 58°N and 62°N, with regional reconstructed sections. These estimates were further integrated with regional seismic isopach maps to produce palaeobathymetric maps. The present results differ from previously published works in that they were integrated spatially, based on the type of regional depositional sequence they represent. The East Shetland Platform was uplifted and acted as a source area of sediment in the Palaeogene, with a palaeobathymetry of 800 m in the Viking Graben early in this period. During the Eocene, the deeper part of the generally N–S trending basin became narrower. A significant shallowing took place in the Oligocene, which was in part controlled by tectonic uplift of the basin.

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