Neurokinin B and pre-eclampsia: a decade of discovery

Page, Nigel M (2010) Neurokinin B and pre-eclampsia: a decade of discovery. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 8(4), ISSN (online) 1477-7827


ABSTRACT: At the start of the last decade, we provided evidence that levels of the peptide neurokinin B were highly elevated in pre-eclampsia. We hypothesized that elevated levels of neurokinin B may be an indicator of pre-eclampsia and that treatment with certain neurokinin receptor antagonists may be useful in alleviating the symptoms. At the time of the original hypothesis many questions remained outstanding. These included - Does neurokinin B have any diagnostic value in the detection and diagnosis of pre-eclampsia? - What is the cause of the elevated levels of neurokinin B during pre-eclampsia? - What is the physiological significance of neurokinin B in the placenta? This review discusses the answers to these questions taking into account the subsequent developments of the past ten years and analyzing the plethora of discoveries that have arisen from those initial observations.

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