Needle-shaped ceramic body, needle-shaped ceramic catalyst and method for producing same

Daniel, Doni Jayaseelan [Inventor], Kita, Hideki [Inventor], Kondo, Naoki [Inventor], Ueno, Shunkichi [Inventor], Koike, Kazhuhiko [Inventor] and Nakanishi, Tomohiko [Inventor] (2007) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Nagoya, Japan Needle-shaped ceramic body, needle-shaped ceramic catalyst and method for producing same. US2007254804.

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To provide an acicular ceramic body and an acicular ceramic catalyst body using a cordierite porous body having high temperature stability and a high specific surface area as a base material, and to provide a method for producing the catalyst body. ;SOLUTION: The acicular ceramic body using a whisker-grown acicular cordierite crystal phase as a base material is produced by blending raw material particles having an acicular shape or a columnar shape (kaolin) or a pore forming material disappearing when fired (carbon black) into raw materials, and preparing growth spaces of acicular cordierite crystals. The acicular ceramic catalyst body is obtained by using the same. The production method therefor is also provided. According to this invention, a cordierite honeycomb having a large quantity of whisker-grown acicular particles, having a small thermal capacity for the initial activation of a catalyst, further having a low pressure loss, and having excellent thermal shock resistance can be obtained.

Item Type: Patent
Additional Information: The patent is also published as EP1714697A1, US7855162, WO2005056180A1.
Research Area: Metallurgy and materials
Faculty, School or Research Centre: Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing (until 2017) > School of Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering
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Date Deposited: 15 Jun 2017 13:39
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DOI: US2007254804

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