Technology transfer by multinational firms: the case of the car industry in Egypt

Taha, Yasser (2002) Technology transfer by multinational firms: the case of the car industry in Egypt. (PhD thesis), Kingston University,

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This dissertation represents an attempt at demonstrating the process of technology transfer from developed countries to developing countries by focusing on the role of the multinational companies in such transfer in the car industry in Egypt. Apart from in-depth discussion of the theoretical issue of technology transfer and multinational firms, this study, based on the Egyptian experience as well as experiences of other countries in the 20[sup]th century, has attempted to criticise traditional technology transfer models by first reinterpreting technologies as knowledge in general and secondly by offering a new model of technology transfer within the context of today's globalised world economy. The thesis charts the history of Egyptian industrialisation from the 19[sup]th century to the late 20[sup]th century. It addresses questions about government policy toward industrialisation, private sector development and general macroeconomic policies of the Egyptian government since the 1950's. The thesis attempts a detailed analysis of the car industry in Egypt in the context of both national aspiration and the role of multinational companies in the transfer of technology in the car industry in Egypt. The thesis offers insights both on the practical intricacies of the technology transfer process and the theoretical aspects of this process.

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