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Cooper, Penny and Wurtzel, David (2014) Better the second time around? Department of Justice Registered Intermediaries Schemes and lessons from England and Wales. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 65(1), pp. 39-61. ISSN (print) 0029-3105

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Paliokosta, Paty (2014) ‘Reasonable adjustments’ in relation to disability and social justice: Discourses of inclusive ethos in an inter-professional context. In: Discourse Power Resistance 14: Research & Practice - Exchange & Change ; 08-10 Apr 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)


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Van Herwegen, Jo [Speaker], Annaz, Dagmara [Collaborator], Thomas, Michael S.C. [Collaborator], Fishman, Roza [Collaborator], Karmiloff-Smith, Annette [Collaborator] and Rundblad, Gabriella [Collaborator] (2008) Understanding of metaphor and metonymy in Williams syndrome: implications for daily conversations. In: 17th International Postgraduate Research Linguistics Conference; 07 - 08 Feb 2008, Manchester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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Schröter, Melani and Wolfram, Hans-Joachim (2007) Der Einfluss geschlechtsrollenkongruenten und -diskrepanten Gesprächsverhaltens auf die Personwahrnehmung [The impact of gender role congruent vs. discrepant communication behaviour on impression formation]. Zeitschrift für Angewandte Linguistik, 46, pp. 19-40.


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