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Barnbrook, Jonathan [Designer], Hirst, Damien [Artist], Viollette, Robert [Editor], Lelie, Herman [Papermaker], Beard, Jason [Collaborator] and Burn, Gordon [Writer of accompanying material] (1997) I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever now. (Concept book). London, U.K., Booth-Clibborn Editions. 297 x 340 mm.

Kerbel, Janice [Artist] (1999) Bank job. (Installation). 27' x 8'.

Warnell, Phillip [Artist] (2016) Ming of Harlem : twenty one storeys in the air. (Film).


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Nelson, Mike [Artist] (2016) Wanderlust. Wanderlust. .

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Price, Elizabeth [Artist] (2016) Elizabeth Price. Elizabeth Price. .

Price, Elizabeth [Artist] (2016) Elizabeth Price : A RESTORATION. Elizabeth Price : A RESTORATION. .

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Warnell, Phillip [Artist] (2016) Phillip Warnell : ‘Ming of Harlem : twenty one storeys in the air’. Phillip Warnell : ‘Ming of Harlem : twenty one storeys in the air’. .

Still/Graphic Work

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Draper, Chris [Illustrator] and Isaacs, John [Sculptor] (1997) The matrix of amnesia. (Illustration). ISSN (print) 0262-1037

Geoff, Grandfield [Illustrator] (2012) The Jewel House, The Tower of London Historic Royal Palace. (Exhibition narrative). The Jewel House, Tower of London : Historic Royal Palaces. Six 1.5 metre light boxes, 8 metre wide narrative panels, two full wall transfer 18 x 4 metres and a digital projection covering a wall 4 x 6 metres. 16 designed separate panels across four formats.


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Moving Image/Broadcast

Cham, Karen [Designer] (2006) codea/codeb/codec. (Teletext artwork).

Davies, Rachel [Creator] (1998) Dividing line. (Video).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (1998) Series of poetry and dance shorts for television. (animation).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] (2000) Tales of the expected. (Video / animation).

Davies, Rachel [Artist] and Woods, Sarah [Collaborator] (1999) Trips. (Video / animation).

Davies, Rachel and Saul, Daniel (2016) Winter. (Film).

Piddington, Andrew [Director], Bates, Alan [Actor], Wilson, Lambert [Actor] and Haigh, Kenneth [Actor] (1994) Shuttlecock. (Film).

Piddington, Andrew [Director], Prochnow, Jurgen [Actor], Sheffer, Craig [Actor] and de Fougerolles, Helene [Actor] (1998) The fall. (Film).

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Database or Web Resource

Charny, Daniel [Curator of an exhibition] (2015) The future of fixing.

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