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Addison, Nicholas, Burgess, Lesley, Kinsella, Victoria and Kenning, Dean (2015) Learning in art and design education. In: Addison, Nicholas and Burgess, Lesley, (eds.) Learning to teach art and design in the secondary school: a companion to school experience. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 21-70. ISBN 9780415842891

Allion, Marcus Leis [Designer] (2012) TOOOLS. (Graphic artwork).

Bhomer, Marloes, ten [Designer] (2010) Rapidprototypedshoe: construct #2. (Shoe).

Blair, Bernadette (2006) 'At the end of a huge crit in the summer, it was “crap” – I’d worked really hard but all she said was “fine” and I was gutted'. Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, 5(2), pp. 83-95. ISSN (print) 1474-273X

Blair, Bernadette (2007) Perception of self and its impact on verbal formative feedback in design education. In: FLUX: Design education in a changing world; 03 - 05 Oct 2007, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Bramkamp, Martina (2012) Harry Kramer: eine Bewegungsstudie. In: Theaterfiguren im Kolk; 22 Feb 2012, Lubeck, Germany.

Bramkamp, Martina [Animator] (2011) The bridge in mind. (Animated film).

Carrigan, James and Micklethwaite, Paul (2010) 7.9 cubic metres: a gallery within a gallery. KIOSK(4), pp. 64-73. ISSN (print) 1755-9626

Cham, Karen (2009) Aesthetics and interactive art. In: Bentkowska-Kafel, Anna , Cashen, Trish and Gardiner, Hazel, (eds.) Digital visual culture: theory and practice. Bristol, U.K. : Intellect Books. pp. 15-21. ISBN 9781841502489

Cham, Karen (2011) Architecture of the image. In: Dunn, Stuart , Bowen, Jonathan P. and Ng, Kia, (eds.) Electronic visualisation and the arts: proceedings of EVA London 2011, BCS London, 5 Southampton Street, London 6-8 July 2010. Swindon, U.K. : BCS. pp. 117-183. ISBN 9781906124885

Cham, Karen and Johnson, Jeffrey (2007) Complexity theory: a science of cultural systems? M/C Journal, 10(3), pp. 21-34.

Cham, Karen [Artist] (2006) National grid. (Digital video).

Cham, Karen (2007) Reconstruction theory: designing the space of possibility in complex media. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 3(2-3), pp. 253-267. ISSN (print) 1479-4713

Cham, Karen [Artist] (2006) Stay Cool, Be Positive. (Digital video).

Cham, Karen (2010) The art of complex systems science. In: Alexiou, Katerina , Johnson, Jeffrey and Zamenopoulos, Theodore, (eds.) Embracing complexity in design. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 121-142. ISBN 9780415497008

Cham, Karen (2011) The convergence of complex systems science and art practice in the computational arts. In: Rewire 2011: the fourth international conference on the histories of media art, science and technology; 28-30 Sep 2011, Liverpool, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Cham, Karen (2011) The cybernetic interface to the human bio computer. In: Virtual Futures; 18-19 Jun 2011, Coventry, U.K..

Cham, Karen (2011) A proposal for an aesthetics of engagement in intelligent environments. In: SciT'11: Multidisciplinary Approach to Designing Intelligent Environment in conjunction with IE'11: 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments; 25-28 Jul 2014, Nottingham, U.K..

Cham, Karen (2011) A semiotic systems approach to user experience design. In: 1st International Conference on Semiotics & Visual Communication: from theory to practice; 25-27 Nov 2011, Lemesos, Cyprus..

Charny, Daniel [Curator of an exhibition] (2011) Power of making. .

Charny, Daniel, ed. (2011) Power of making: the importance of being skilled. London, U.K. : V & A Publishing. 79p. ISBN 9781851776535

Charny, Daniel [Curator of an exhibition] (2009) Super Contemporary. .

Charny, Daniel (2011) Thinking of making. In: Charney, Daniel, (ed.) Power of making: the importance of being skilled. London, U.K. : V & A Publishing. pp. 7-10. ISBN 9781851776535

Clarke, John and Pretlove, Stephen (2010) To what extent do sustainable buildings encourage sustainable behaviour? In: Energy in the City; 23 - 24 Jun 2010, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Collier, Lesley [Contributor], de Waal, Hugo [Contributor], Fowler, Fiona [Contributor], Jakob, Anke [Contributor], Mears-Owen, Maizie [Contributor], Tancock, Karin [Contributor] and Chamberlain, Paul [Contributor] (2014) Designing interventions to support dementia care : presentations and panel discussion. In: Inside Out Festival 2014; 20-26 Oct 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Collier, Lesley and Jakob, Anke (2016) The multisensory environment (MSE) in dementia care : examining its role and quality from a user perspective. HERD : Health Environments Research & Design Journal, ISSN (print) 1937-5867 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Cooper, Alexander, Gridneff, Rose and Haslam, Andrew (2014) Letterpress: looking backward to look forward. Visible Language, 47(3), pp. 52-72. ISSN (print) 0022-2224

Dalke, H, Corso, A, Conduit, G and Riaz, A (2012) Visibility prediction software: five factors of contrast perception for people with vision impairment in the real world. In: CWUAAT: 6th Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technology; 27-29 Mar 2012, Cambridge, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Dalke, H, Corso, A, Conduit, G and Riaz, A (2012) Visibility prediction software: five factors of contrast perception for people with vision impairment in the real world. In: Langdon, Patrick , Clarkson, John , Robinson, Peter , Lazar, Jonathan and Heylighen, Ann, (eds.) Designing inclusive systems: designing inclusion for real-world applications. London, U.K. : Springer. pp. 93-102. ISBN 9781447128663

Dalke, Hilary, Little, Jenny, Niemann, Elga, Camgoz, Nilgun, Steadman, Guillaume, Hill, Sarah and Stott, Laura (2003) Colour and lighting in hospital design. In: Colour and Design Conference; 21 - 22 Nov 2003, London, U.K..

Dalke, Hilary (2009) Colour contrast and visual impairment: recent research. In: Integration of design and science: light, materials, colour and environment; 24 June 2009, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Dalke, Hilary (2009) Colour, design and lighting in healthcare. In: Florida Healthcare Engineering Association 47th Annual Meeting & Trade Show; 26 - 28 Oct 2009, Florida, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Dalke, Hilary (2010) Design and wellbeing. New Design(80), p. 6. ISSN (print) 1472-2674

Dalke, Hilary (2008) Light reflectance value (LRV) of a surface. Method of test.

Dalke, Hilary, Corso, Alessio, Stott, Laura, Dusmohamed, Haroon and Hunt, Rebecca (2011) Living with dementia: can design make a difference? (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Kingston University. 240 p. ISBN 9781907684135

Dalke, Hilary (2010) Living with dementia: can design make a difference? .

Dalke, Hilary, Stott, Laura, Corso, Alessio, Jehoel, Sandra and Spence, Charles (2009) Multisensory design interventions in perception of environments. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Kingston University. 238 p. ISBN 9781907684197

Dalke, Hilary, Corso, Alessio and Stott, Laura (2010) Schools for special needs: autism and sensory design. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Kingston University. 66 p. ISBN 9781907684159

Dalke, Hilary, Conduit, G. J., Conduit, B. D., Cooper, R .M., Corso, A. and Wyatt, D. F. (2010) A colour contrast assessment system: design for people with visual impairment. In: Langdon, P , Clarkson, P. John and Robinson, P, (eds.) Designing inclusive interactions: inclusive interactions between people and products in their contexts of use. London, U.K. : Springer. pp. 101-110. ISBN 9781849961653

Dorodian, Saeid (2011) MIPS3 e-learning system: a medical images processing, seamless and secure sharing platform for CAD developers. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University.

Duff, Leo and Sawdon, Phil, eds. (2008) Drawing - the purpose. Bristol, U.K. : Intellect Books. 141p. ISBN 9781841502014

Duff, Leo and Sawdon, Phil (2008) Introduction. In: Duff, Leo and Sawdon, Phil, (eds.) Drawing - the purpose. Bristol, U.K. : Intellect Books. pp. ix-xi. ISBN 9781841502014

Elliott, David [Inventor], Dalke, Hilary [Inventor], Stott, Laura [Inventor] and Neimann, Elga [Inventor] (2009) Imperial Chemical Industries PLC Colour display and related methods. TW200935374 (A).

Feo, Roberto [Designer] and Hurtado, Rosario [Designer] (2011) Free range tables. Handmade tables.

Feo, Roberto [Designer], Hurtado, Rosario [Designer] and Urban Salon, [Designer] (2009) Horatio's garden. Super Contemporary. .

Feo, Roberto [Designer] and Hurtado, Rosario [Designer] (2011) Imaginary architectures. Glass sculpture.

Feo, Roberto [Curator of an exhibition] and Hurtado, Rosario [Curator of an exhibition] (2008) Nowhere/Now/Here. .

Grandfield, Geoffrey [Illustrator] (2008) Cover design for DVD "Green for danger" directed by Sidney Gilliat, 1946. (Illustration). New York, U.S.A. : The Criterion Collection.

Grandfield, Geoffrey [Illustrator] (2013) Cover design for DVD "Ministry of fear" directed by Fritz Lang (1944). (Illustration). New York, U.S.A. : The Criterion Collection.

Harris, Jane (2012) Digital practice in material hands: how craft and computing practices are advancing digital aesthetic and conceptual methods. Craft Research, 3(1), pp. 91-112. ISSN (print) 2040-4689

Harris, Jane (2013) Digital skin: how developments in digital imaging techniques and culture are informing the design of futuristic surface and fabrication concepts. Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, 11(3), pp. 242-261. ISSN (print) 1475-9756

Harris, Jane [Designer], Simonson, Caryn [Designer] and Sides, Andrew [Designer] (2009) Textile futures in Second Life. (3D computer graphic).

Harris, Mark [Artist] (2011) Frontier studies. Frontier studies. .

Harrison, Jon [Designer] (2009) Dual purpose. .

Harrison, Jon [Designer] (2010) U floor light. (Floor standing light).

Hauplik-Meusburger, Sandra, Aguzzi, Manuela and Peldszus, Regina (2010) A game for space. Acta Astronautica, 66(3-4), pp. 605-609. ISSN (print) 0094-5765

Helguera, Pablo (2009) The Juvenal players: a play. New York : Jorge Pinto Books. 93p. ISBN 9781934978214

Helguera, Pablo (2007) The Pablo Helguera manual of contemporary art style. New York, U.S. : Jorge Pinto Books. 103p. ISBN 9780979076602

Helguera, Pablo (2009) Theatrum Anatomicum (and other performance lectures). New York, U.S. : Jorge Pinto Books. 177p. ISBN 9781934978160

Helguera, Pablo (2013) The rhetoric of contemporary art: social and pedagogical scripts. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Helguera, Pablo and Castex, Noel Baca [Translator] (2008) The witches of Tepoztlan (and other unpublished operas): a critical study. New York, U.S. : Jorge Pinto Books. 88p. ISBN 9781934978009

Ioannidou, Ersi (2015) Metabolism : the last modernist utopia. In: "How We Live, and How We Might Live": Design and the Spirit of Critical Utopianism; 11-13 Sep 2015, San Francisco, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Ioannidou, Ersi (2015) The house of multiple dimensions : design referencing as creative practice. Drawing On : Journal of Architectural Research by Design, 1, pp. 61-75. ISSN (online) 2059-9978

Jakob, Anke [Artist] (2009) Blurred Boundaries. The Personalised Surface. New Approaches to Digital Printmaking. .

Jakob, Anke (2008) Blurring boundaries between the real and the virtual: about the synthesis of digital image and physical surface. In: ISEA2008 - The 14th Symposium on Electronic Art; 25 Jul - 03 Aug 2008, Singapore.

Jakob, Anke (2011) Digital media and architecture: an observation. In: Rieser, Martin, (ed.) The mobile audience: media art and mobile technology. Amsterdam, The Netherlands : Rodopi. pp. 141-154. (Architecture: Technology: Culture, no. 5) ISSN (print) 1871-0115 ISBN 9789042031272

Jakob, Anke (2015) How to make a Sensory Room for People Living with Dementia. In: Include 2015; 17 - 18 Sep 2015, London, U.K.. ISBN 9781910642061

Jakob, Anke and Collier, Lesley (2015) “How to make a Sensory Room for people living with dementia” – developing design guidance for health care practitioners. In: Third European Conference on Design4Health 2015; 13 - 16 July 2015, Sheffield, U.K.. (Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Design4Health 2015) ISBN 9781843873853

Jakob, Anke (2012) Improving the emotional well-being of people living with dementia. In: 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion : D&E 2012; 11-14 Sep 2012, London, U.K..

Jakob, Anke and Collier, Lesley (2014) Improving the experience and benefits of Multi Sensory Environments for people with dementia: the role of design. In: 9th UK Dementia Congress; 10-12 Nov 2014, Brighton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Jakob, Anke and Simonson, Caryn (2008) Light : virtual cloth and digital textile. Textile, 6(3), pp. 254-261. ISSN (print) 1475-9756

Jakob, Anke (2009) Light, surfaces and illusions. In: Integration of design and science: light, materials, colour and environment; 24 Jun 2009, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Johnson, Jeffrey, Alexiou, Katerina, Creigh-Tyte, Anne, Chase, Scott, Duffy, Alex, Eckert, Claudia, Gascoigne, Damian, Kumar, Bimal, Mitleton-Kelly, Eve, Petry, Michael, Qin, Sheng Fen, Robertson, Alec, Rzevski, George, Teymur, Necdet, Thompson, Avril, Young, Robert, Willis, Mateo and Zamenopolous, Theodore (2007) Embracing complexity in design. In: Inns, Tom, (ed.) Designing for the 21st century : interdisciplinary question and insights. Aldershot, U.K. : Gower. pp. 129-149. ISBN 9780566087370

Kade, Sisonie and Pretlove, Stephen (2010) Tackling climate change: the energy performance of new residential buildings in England. Journal of Construction, 3(2), pp. 4-8. ISSN (print) 1994-7402

Kelly, Ben [Designer] (2012) British design 1948-2012: innovation in the modern age. .

Kelly, Ben [Designer] (2008) Design cities. .

Kelly, Ben [Designer] (2009) Identity: eight rooms, nine lives. .

Kelly, Ben [Designer] (2009) The Public: gallery space. Interactive design gallery space.

Locke, Hugh [Interviewee] and Cottington, David [Interviewer] (2008) Hew Locke on drawing and sculpture : in conversation with David Cottington. In: Duff, Leo and Sawdon, Phil, (eds.) Drawing: the purpose. Bristol, U.K. : Intellect Books. pp. 107-117. ISBN 9781841502014

Lueder, Christoph (2011) Thinking between diagram and image: the ergonomics of abstraction and imitation. arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, 15(1), pp. 57-67. ISSN (print) 1359-1355

Maidment, Simon [Designer] (2012) Intelligent making. (Three dimensional).

Maidment, Simon [Designer] (2010) Wola Nani papier mache design process. Papier mache products.

Maidment, Simon [Designer] (2012) Zimbabwe baskets. (3 dimensional).

Mancke, Carol [Artist] (2010) Get over it. .

Mancke, Carol [Artist] and Loder, Dave [Artist] (2008) Palimpsest public house. (Site-specific installation).

Mancke, Carol [Artist] and Jones, Kevin [Performer] (2009) Toge time/pass time. (Sound installation). Echigo Tsumari Art Triennia 2009. Time chime and ring tone.

McDermott, Catherine (2008) Contemporary design. 3rd ed. London, U.K. : Carlton Books. 423p. ISBN 9781847321770

McDermott, Catherine (2004) Dressed for success: Armani retrospective at The Royal Academy of Arts. Museum Practice(25), pp. 18-21. ISSN (print) 1359-771X

McDermott, Catherine [Organizer of meeting] and Loveday, Donna. [Organizer of meeting] (2007) Introduction, workshop and summary. In: Tales of the unexpected : the future of curating contemporary crafts; 08 Nov 2007, Middlesborough, U.K.. (Unpublished)

McDermott, Catherine [Curator of an exhibition] (2007) Roar! Roar! , 19 Sep - 21 Sep 2008 , Bargehouse &

Miller, R. Craig, Sparke, Penny and Mcdermott, Catherine (2009) European design since 1985: shaping the new century. London, U.K. : Merrell Publishers Ltd. 271p. ISBN 9781858943404

Muggeridge, David J, Howe, Christopher C F, Spendiff, Owen, Pedlar, Charles, James, Philip E. and Easton, Chris (2014) A single dose of beetroot juice enhances cycling performance in simulated altitude. Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise, 46(1), pp. 143-150. ISSN (print) 0195-9131

Mytilinaiou, S, Cham, Karen and Hutchison, Christopher (2011) Experience design, interactive art environments and the sense of becoming. In: IEEE, , (ed.) Mixed and augmented reality - arts, media, and humanities (ISMAR-AMH), 2011 IEEE International Symposium. IEEE. pp. 91-98. ISBN 9781467300575

Peldszus, Regina (2012) Designing for emotional survival : anticipating and addressing the behavioural dimension of unprecedented deep space exploration mission scenarios on a spectrum of operational evidence and speculative design. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Renton, Lucy [Research team member], Postle, Paul [Research team member], Gale, Cathy [Research team member] and Blair, Bernadette [Research team head] (2012) Presentation on Open Educational Resources in FADA. In: Practising Open Education: developing the potential of open educational resources in art, design & media; 15 Sep 2012, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Rosbottom, Daniel (2010) Exhibition Review of 'Spatial clarity'. Architects' Journal, 232(13), pp. 43-45. ISSN (print) 0003-8466

Rosbottom, Daniel (2011) Turner contemporary. The Architectural Review, 229(1371), pp. 58-65. ISSN (print) 0003-861X

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Torres Castanedo, Rebeca and Micklethwaite, Paul (2016) Activating the core economy by design. In: DRS2016 : Design + Research + Society : Future-focused Thinking; 27-30 Jun 2016, Brighton, U.K..

Ucci, Marcella, Biddulph, Philip, Oreszczyn, Tadj, Crowther, David, Wilkinson, Toby, Pretlove, Stephen E. C., Hart, Barbara and Ridley, Ian (2011) Application of a transient hygrothermal population model for house dust mites in beds: assessment of control strategies in UK buildings. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 4(3), pp. 285-300. ISSN (print) 1940-1493

Wheaton, Pat (2011) High style and society: class, taste and modernity in British interwar decorating. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

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