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Grant, Robert L., Drennan, Vari M., Rait, Greta, Petersen, Irene and Iliffe, Steve (2013) First Diagnosis and Management of Incontinence in Older People with and without Dementia in Primary Care: A Cohort Study Using The Health Improvement Network Primary Care Database. PLoS Medicine, 10(8), e1001505. ISSN (print) 1549-1676

Drennan, Vari M., Porter, Elizabeth M. J. and Grant, Robert L. (2013) Graduates from dual qualification courses, registered nurse and health visitor: A career history study. Nurse Education Today, 33(8), pp. 925-930. ISSN (print) 0260-6917

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Drennan, Vari (2013) Research in the hidden places- the challenges and opportunities for nurses. In: Royal College of Nursing 2013 Annual International Nursing Research Conference; 20-23 March 2013, Belfast , Northern Ireland.

Drennan, Vari (2013) Longitudinal qualitative research: techniques for illuminating nursing care in the community. In: Royal College of Nursing 2013 Annual International Research Conference; 20-23 March 2013, Belfast , Northern Ireland .

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Drennan, Vari M, Cole, Laura and Iliffe, Steve (2011) A taboo within a stigma? A qualitative study of managing incontinence with people with dementia living at home. BMC Geriatrics, 11(1), p. 75. ISSN (online) 1471-2318

Drennan, Vari and Goodman, Claire (2011) Developing effective integrated working for the care of older people. In: Integration or fragmentation? Looking at the evidence and making sense of the reforms; 6th October 2011, London. (Unpublished)

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